Staining Your Concrete Floor

epoxy flooringThere are a lot of benefits from staining your concrete floor because it can transform it from an average floor into something that looks expensive. And the best part is that staining your concrete floor is something that is quite affordable as well. Also if you have radiant floor heating, then this will be a good option for you to consider. The reason for this is simply because of radiant heat, works best on hard floors without much carpet that will cause insulation.

It is simple to stain a concrete floor; however, the challenge is in getting the results you are looking for. If you have never done this before, then it would be a better idea to hire an experienced contractor to handle it for you. This project can be a bit risky, and it can prove to be somewhat difficult when you have no experience doing concrete staining, despite the fact that it is a simple process to stain concrete

It is important for you to consider the fact that concrete stain isn’t a finish or paint. It is a chemical reaction that will change the appearance of the concrete. The stain is typically a solution that is based on water and has inorganic salts along with hydrochloric acid which will cause a chemical reaction with the concrete, causing it to change color. You will be able to stain any concrete, and it will last forever as well, especially when you maintain it using wax or a sealer.

Believe it or not but stained concrete can look a lot like marble, which is quite surprising when you think about it. The typically color that will be produced by using a concrete stain will be earthy brown tones, but you can see hints of green and also red. However, it is possible to mix your own colors as well, so you can get the look you want, but as you can imagine you will need a professional to do this properly.

The secret to doing a real job is to make sure you can prepare the concrete properly before you have it stained. And if the concrete is new, it is vital to let it cure for around three weeks before you consider using any concrete stains. Older concrete will require a different process. So basically, before you can stain the concrete you will need to keep it completely and totally clean, and you can use some products just make sure you can remove the grease, oil, and dirt from the concrete.

And then you will be able to stain the concrete and create a fantastic looking floor.

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